We don’t think twice about spending a hefty amount to hire a professional photographer on our wedding day, why should it be any different for the birth of your baby?

When I talk to prospective clients about doing a Birth Story, it can be a hard sell. I think it's difficult to visualize what the finished product would look like (especially for grandparents and prospective dads), and when you google "Birth Story" you may see some very graphic images that might be a bit much for you. The birth of your child is such an intimate event, it requires the most delicate touch and the most tailored of coverage. Your comfort level is my highest priority and by having a photographer present, not only can your partner, family, and friends be more helpful to you, but they can also be more fully present in the experience itself.  You as the mother often times cannot see all that is happening because you are so focused (as you should be!) on the task at hand!  


Some mothers want to see everything in their photos, others would prefer I stay by their heads and take the photos from a discreet perspective.  These photos are for your eyes only… and you only have to share publicly the ones you want the world to see.

A birth story is something beautiful not only for yourself to see the whole day unfold from a different perspective, but these memories are preserved for you to share with friends & family, and hopefully even your child someday. How amazing would it be for you to see beautiful photos and video of the day YOU were born?

All Birth Stories include: 

  • A maternity photo/video shoot with you and your partner. 

  • My services on call 24/7 while you are 38-42 weeks, and coverage for the duration of your labor & delivery, including 1-3 hours after birth. 


Photography Only: 

  • a Facebook timeline cover baby announcement within 48 hours of birth. Includes 1 newborn image with birth stats.

  • 100-150 black & white edited digital images (# depending on the length of labor & delivery) uploaded to a personal online gallery for review & download.

  • 12 x 17 Fine art print of image of your choosing.

  • Soft cover album containing 50 images


Video Only:

  • An announcement teaser trailer

  • 8 - 10min long birth film



  • Letter Reading Session… is a 45 minute session in which I come to your home and document you reading a previously written letter by you and/or your partner to your unborn baby. This footage/audio is incorporated into your final film.

  • Fresh48 session is a 1-2 hour session that takes place within 48 hours of birth, usually after mom & baby have rested, bathed & started to establish nursing. Ideal to get better close up shots & footage of newborn, to capture siblings or grandparents coming to meet the baby, and is done during daylight hours to maximize use of natural light. Includes any desired number of family members that are present at the time.



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